Authorities are searching for two suspects in a deadly shooting in Encino that may have been a robbery gone wrong.

The shooting happened just before 6:30 a.m. Monday on the 1800 block of Martha Street.

Investigators are piecing together what happened that led to the 24-year-old victim getting shot on the front doorstep of his two-story home.

A neighbor told KTLA she went outside to see what was happening and she could hear and see people screaming at each other down the street.

The neighbor also said that she saw a black SUV, possibly a Cadillac Escalade, with dark tinted windows parked outside. Police have confirmed that someone in that black SUV drove the victim to the hospital.

Another neighbor next door captured video of someone ducking behind a car in his driveway around the time of the shooting.

Police say the man who was killed was living at the house and confirmed it is a short-term rental. Neighbors throughout the day said they see lots of turnover and lots of people coming and going from the house.

Detectives are looking for two suspects in the shooting, which is said to be an isolated incident.

No suspect descriptions have been released at this time.

A family member told KTLA that the victim’s dog was also stolen during the shooting. They are asking for anyone who may know the whereabouts of the dog to come forward.