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An apparent “swatting” call temporarily resulted in shelter-in-place orders at an Irvine high school Monday morning, police said.

A person claiming to be a parent at Irvine High School called and threatened violence, Irvine police Lt. Bill Bingham told KTLA.

But when police ran the caller’s phone number, they found it was associated with a “swatting” call made previously in another jurisdiction, Bingham said.

“Swatting” is a hoax that typically aims to generate a tactical response at a location where no crime is actually occurring.

The shelter-in-place order at the school on Walnut Avenue was lifted about 45 minutes after being implemented, and students were asked to resume normal school activities.

“Irvine High School received an unsubstantiated threat via phone call. Out of an abundance of caution we were put on a shelter in-place,” school officials said in an email sent to parents. “Irvine Police Department has determined this is a non-credible threat to our campus.”

The incident comes days after a 14-year-old student from Irvine was arrested after posting threats online against another school, Orchard Hills School.