Call it a Swiftie Swarm! Diehard Taylor Swift fans flooded the Grove in Los Angeles’s Fairfax District for the Eras Tour concert film premiere. 

About 2,200 fans were invited to the private screening for the world premiere of the much anticipated film, “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour,” held at the Grove’s 14-screen movie theater at 7 p.m. 

Video from Sky5 showed a massive red carpet and backdrops showing the Eras Tour poster that had been set up.

“This is for the fans, said Taylor Swift fan Rae Patton, “I can’t even talk about it, I’m sorry. She loves her fans! She rented out the whole Grove for her fans.”

The pop star’s premiere event was supposed to be kept a secret, until word quickly spread this morning that the mall abruptly closed, nearby roads were blocked off, and security was tight. 

“People were like it’s too secret you can’t tell anybody anything,” said Birdie Stabeno, another Taylor Swift fan. “It was all over TikTok and everything.”

Other fans at a nearby farmers market were stunned when they heard the news and decided to stick around in hopes of seeing Swift in person. 

“Who wouldn’t want to meet Taylor?” said Maddie Pioneda. “I feel like it would be a cool opportunity. Even if you just get a mere glimpse? Yeah, totally.”

Fans who were lucky enough to score an invitation were ecstatic. Katherine Hoffner, who was invited to the premiere, says she streamed Swift’s music more than 12,000 times this year and posted about it all over TikTok. 

“I was invited by Spotify as a top fan,” Hoffner said. “I was shocked as anything. I think that being a Swiftie and loving Taylor Swift brings everybody together. I got the Spotify top fan.” 

“I know it sounds kind of hokey, but it’s the honest truth,” Patton said. “I can go anywhere in the world and if I can find a Swiftie, I’m gonna be okay.” 

Even those unable to attend the premiere were still swooning for Swift. 

“Oh my gosh, Taylor, thank you for sharing your music with the world because it’s touched so many people for good reason, “ said Sarah Gibney.  

Swift eventually showed up to The Grove for her premiere film, surprising her fans. 

Sky5 spotted the pop icon and her entourage walking through a utility alley at the sprawling mall. Moments later, she stepped out on the red carpet in front of AMC Theater, as the train of her gown was carried behind her and photographers began popping off pictures.  

Swift took the time to take dozens of selfies with Swifties already lined up to see the film.