The loss of a pet can often be overwhelming. Years of companionship with your furry friend can be lost over time or disappear in an instant, leaving you wondering how to pick up the pieces and move on with your life.

For one couple in San Diego, the loss of their beloved pet is being felt for the second time after its taxidermied remains were stolen out of their vehicle.

Ron Cenko’s family lost their dog, CC, last June.

“She was a very special individual,” Cenko said. “She was a little sweetheart, 3-pound chihuahua.”

Wanting to properly honor the pet that was such an important part of their lives, Cenko and his wife opted for an atypical way to memorialize their cherished companion; they decided to have her taxidermied.

Cenko says he and his wife took CC to a taxidermy shop in Burbank to have her preserved.

On Saturday, more than a year after her death, the couple was finally reunited with their departed dog after having driven up from San Diego to pick up CC from Bischoff’s Taxidermy in Burbank.

Ron told KTLA that they loaded their dog, which was inside a sealed box, into the backseat of their car. Ron dropped his wife off at a Burbank hotel for an event and then he headed home to San Diego.

CC, shown in this undated photo provided by Ron Cenko, passed away in June 2021.

Along the way, around 3 p.m., he decided to stop in Commerce to use the restroom at a restaurant on the 5100 block of Triggs Street. He continued his journey, but when he got to the Carlsbad area, he realized that the box with CC’s remains was gone.

Cenko has contacted the restaurant where he had stopped and another nearby business for security footage and he’s working on filing a police report with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, but because he lives in another county, progress has been slow.

Now, Ron and his wife are hoping the thief, or anyone with information about their dog’s remains, will come forward and reunite their family again.

“I would just love to have our little girl back,” Cenko told KTLA. “Please reach into your heart and think about the pain that we are both feeling, losing our little girl yet one more time.”

The family is exploring the possibility of providing a reward to anyone with information about their dog’s remains and Cenko says he doesn’t care about the other items — a laptop and other electronics — that were stolen.

“I know it’s a longshot, but she was a very sweet, dear little girl and part of our life,” Cenko said. “I hope in the City of Angels there is an angel out there that can help us.”

If you have any information about the theft, you should contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department East L.A. station at 323-264-4151.