A teacher at Los Angeles Unified School District school was arrested by a special task force as part of an investigation into alleged possession and distribution of child pornography.

The teacher, who was not named, was arrested in Claremont Wednesday morning.

He’s been identified only as a 60-year-old man who is a current teacher at LAUSD.

He was arrested by members of the San Bernardino Police Department’s Internet Crimes Against Children task force.

The arrest was made as part of an ongoing investigation into the production, possession and distribution of pornography in the region.

Police officials said a search warrant was served at a home in Redlands in San Bernardino County, which later led them to Claremont, which is in L.A. County.

During the arrest, several electronic devices were discovered and seized as evidence.

He was taken into custody “just before dawn” on Wednesday, and is expected to face felony charges related to the investigation.

A spokesperson for Los Angeles Unified School District provided the following statement, in which it identifies the school where the teacher was employed:

“The safety of our students and school community remains our top priority. This afternoon, we were notified by the San Bernardino Police Department that an employee of Miguel Contreras /Business and Tourism Academy High School has been arrested and prohibited from coming onto any District site.

All District protocols are being followed, and we remain in cooperation with local authorities. Due to the ongoing investigation by law enforcement, we are unable to disclose additional details about this matter. Please be assured that the safety of our students continues to be our utmost priority. Students and the greater school community are always encouraged to share any and all concerns with their school or with local authorities.

We remain committed to supporting Miguel Contreras High School and the greater school community with counseling and support services.”

LAUSD Spokesperson