Residents of the upscale Camden Harbor View Apartments in Long Beach say they are fed up with relentless crime, run-ins with the homeless, and now juvenile delinquents. 

“These kids don’t care. They are looking for trouble,” one tenant, Kimberly, told KTLA. “One hit me with a skateboard.”

Security and cell phone cameras have captured some of the incidents, including one where teens attacked a man who was simply walking in the area. 

“They were stalking him and he didn’t want to fight back. He was just trying to get them to stop. He didn’t want to hurt kids,” said Kimberly.

Long Beach Apartment Complex Trouble
Surveillance cameras have captured some of the incidents, including one where teens assaulted a man who was simply walking in the area. October 2023.

Another video shows a teen “donkey kick” an apartment door and then run away with his friends.

Tenants say they’re dealing with a constant cycle of trouble. 

In early September, several cars were set on fire by a serial arsonist. People keep getting attacked, and residents say management is doing nothing about it.

“They have a courtesy patrol that’s a joke,” said Susan Herman, who told us she was attacked at the apartment complex’s pool. “Cars stolen, cars vandalized, people beat up … what does it take? We have amenities here that we’re too afraid to use because you don’t know what you’re going to find. Those teenagers are just out of control,”

Kimberly believes armed guards are the only solution.

“We need somebody who actually cares.  You have to take back your property.”

KTLA reached out to Long Beach Police and the apartment complex’s management on Sunday but did not get a response. Management previously told us they increased security after the arson attacks.

Residents plan to take their complaints to Long Beach City Hall.