The Temecula Valley Unified School Board is considering a policy that would notify parents if their child identifies as transgender.

A crowded and contentious meeting was held Tuesday night with large groups of people supporting both sides of the issue.

Temecula Valley Unified School District. (KTLA)
Temecula Valley Unified School District. (KTLA)

“Those with rainbow pride flags and clothing were scattered across one [group]. Those holding American flags, ‘Protect Family Bonds’ signs and ‘Leave Our Kids Alone’ T-shirts were mixed into the other,” the San Bernardino Sun reported.

The board is considering passing a policy similar to those passed by the Chino Valley and Murrieta Valley school districts earlier this year.

The Temecula policy would, among other things, require parents to be notified if their child identifies as a gender other than what is listed on the student’s birth certificate, or uses facilities different from the one corresponding to their birth gender, the Sun article stated.

Speakers on both sides of the issue addressed the board Tuesday night.

“As well-intentioned as government bureaucrats might be, they can never substitute the role of parents in the moral formation of their own children. I trust our parents,” one person in favor of the new policy told the board.

“The No. 1 factor for having suicidal thoughts is being isolated, being alone, being unheard. You’re putting a barrier between a child who is seeking advice and seeking guidance from a teacher who actually cares about them. Not every home is safe. Not every parent is safe,” a speaker opposed to the new policy said.

The Orange Unified School District has also begun discussions about implementing similar parent notification policies.