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A sweltering heat wave baked Southern California on Sunday, bringing triple-digit temperatures to some areas and shattering records that in some cases held for decades.

The National Weather Service issued a list of record-setting temperatures in cities across the Southland. Here’s a selection:

Burbank: 109 (previous: 104 degrees, set in 1973)

Chula Vista: 93 (previous: 88, set in 1957)

El Cajon: 104 degrees (previous: 94, set in 2001)

Escondido: 103 (previous: 102, set in 1929)

Idyllwild: 94 (previous: 93, set in 1954)

Indio: 118 (previous: 117, set in 1945)

Palm Springs: 118 (previous: 116, set in 2008)

Ramona: 106 (previous: 102, set in 2008)

Riverside: 111 (previous: 107, set in 1922)

Sandberg: 101 (previous: 94 degrees, set in 1961)

Santa Ana: 103 (previous: 95, set in 1973)

Thermal: 119 (previous: 118, set in 2008)

Woodland Hills: 109 (tying previous record, set in 2008)

Other cities didn’t break previous records but still saw scorching temperatures. Downtown Los Angeles saw a high of 96 degrees, while a 100-degree high was observed in Simi Valley and Long Beach. The Getty Center saw a high of 103 degrees. Lancaster, Pasadena and Ojai each observed a high of 106 degrees.

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