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The happiest place on Earth is getting a little more eco-friendly, though you may not notice, and that’s by design.

A report in the Orange County Register details how on Friday, artificial turf will make its debut around the Mickey floral planter at the park’s entrance and on the front lawn of the Haunted Mansion.

And these two locations aren’t alone in seeing their live grass replaced with turf.

In many areas in the park, Disney plans to use high-quality turf instead of grass.

The idea behind the replacement is twofold: not only does turf not have to be mowed and maintained in the same way live grass does, but it also helps the park cut down on water usage amid California’s ongoing drought.

Though Disneyland is far from alone in removing live grass and replacing it with turf, the theme park is not advertising the change.

In fact, previous installations have been spaced out several weeks apart to avoid attention, according to the Register.

Think you’re eagle-eyed enough to spot where real grass remains?

Maybe not, as the “high-end artificial turf used at Disneyland is harder to spot than the low-cost versions found in residential neighborhoods that look like synthetic green carpeting with visible seams,” the Register said.

“Disneyland fans may be surprised to realize they’ve been staring at artificial turf with their own two eyes and never noticed,” the newspaper added.

Other water-saving measures, however, will be much more noticeable.

In some places, grass is being replaced with live plants that use less water, a process known as xeriscaping.