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A Saugus High School 11th grader said she ran as fast as she could after hearing gunfire break out before class Thursday morning. The student, who identified herself as Riley, said she was outside of the library with her friends when she heard someone open fire. “We heard one, two gunshots. We looked at each other, it took so long for us to process. … Then we heard three or four more gunshots,” Riley said. She described the gunfire as more of a firecracker sound, but she fled with other students when she realized what was happening. “I heard a bullet hit the wall right next to where we were standing. … We ran as fast as we could. There were hundreds of us just running as far away as possible,” she said. The shooting occurred before classes started, but at a time when most students are arriving at the school, located on 21900 Centurion Way. Riley said that students have been instructed on what to do during an active shooter situation. “Everyone, despite this horrible situation, it seemed as if everyone knew exactly what they needed to be doing to keep themselves safe,” she said. According to authorities, a 16-year-old male student opened fire at a quad and struck five of his classmates before turning the gun on himself. He was taken to the hospital along with the others, two of whom died. The suspect was last listed in grave condition. Students who had sheltered in place on the campus were led out by authorities at about 8 a.m. Parents were asked to pick up their students at Central Park at 27150 Bouquet Canyon Road.
KTLA’s Kristina Bravo contributed to this report.