The owner of an art gallery in the Pacific Palisades is asking for her artwork to be returned after a break-in where nearly a dozen valuable and sentimental paintings were stolen over the weekend.  

“When I came in and turned on the lights … it was just a surreal scene to look around and see so many paintings gone,” Katie O’Neill, owner of Katie O’Neill Fine Art, told KTLA.  

A witness told the artist that someone with a crowbar busted down the window and loaded up her paintings into the trunk of a car.

Pacific Palisades Gallery Break-in
Photo of damage done to Katie O’Neill’s art gallery in Pacific Palisades. (KTLA)

O’Neill, a self-taught artist, teacher and small business owner said each one of her artworks is unique and takes hours and months on end to complete.  

In all, 11 paintings with an estimated worth of $35,000 were stolen.  

They included landscapes of High Point, the Santa Monica Pier, Fenway Lane and Yosemite Falls.  

“People don’t buy them for investments. They buy them because they touch them and it’s almost like when I sell them to somebody that I know that they’re going to a good home,” O’Neill explained.  

The artist said she’s been scouring websites, flea markets and pawn shops. She’s also looking for surveillance footage that may have captured a license plate. She’s trying to get the word out in any way she can.  

“We work our heart and soul into our business and for this to happen, it’s like beyond,” Joy Moeller, owner of nearby Myofunctional Therapy, said of the burglary at the gallery.  

Without any theft insurance, O’Neill is hoping that the public is on the lookout for her missing paintings, which can be seen by following this link.  

“These are things that I created with love and if he would just leave them outside the door, that would be great. No harm, no foul,” she said.  

Detectives with the Los Angeles Police Department are scheduled to come out to the gallery and check for fingerprints.