Late Friday night, vandals damaged the props and sets of the Redlands Theatre Festival in Prospect Park, the festival’s supporters say.

Members had just celebrated their 50th anniversary hours before the destruction.

Candice Stewart, creative director of the festival, surveyed the damage.

“That was completely smashed in. Doors were all gone. The worst part, they appeared to be having a party while doing it. There was confetti, party poppers, happy birthday taggings,” she said.

“This is definitely the first time someone has maliciously attacked the theater for no clear reason,” added Robert Conrad, company sound designer.

Redlands residents have come out to try to repair the damage and save the theatre’s season. Meanwhile, the Redlands Police Department is investigating.

“Theatre people don’t get knocked down very quick. You come back and do the work… That’s what you gotta do,” said Redlands resident Lee Fischer.

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