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A suspected thief who drove off with a victim’s car and dog was arrested last week after officers tracked him using the dog’s GPS collar, Pasadena police said Wednesday.

The vehicle was reported stolen from the area of 1000 East Union St.

Officers arrived at the scene to find that the suspect had already fled the scene in the vehicle, taking the victim’s dog with him as well, according to police.

The thief also left behind another vehicle, which had previously been reported stolen.

“What our suspect didn’t know, was that the victim’s canine companion had a special collar that was able to provide us with the GPS location of not only the dog but also the suspect and the stolen vehicle,” police said on Instagram.

Officers were able to use the GPS tracker to find the suspect, and with the help from the Los Angeles Police Department, were able to stop him in the area of the 105 Freeway and Imperial Highway.

During the traffic stop, police recovered the stolen vehicle and reunited the victim with her dog, Kazoo.

Police released photos of Kazoo in the vehicle’s passenger seat and the suspect being handcuffed.

“This is the story of how Kazoo the dog, helped us arrest a car thief,” Pasadena police officials said on Instagram.