Two thieves got away with about $10,000 worth of metal parts during a burglary at a Fullerton welding company and police believe they may have had a child with them.

The caught-on-video incident occurred on June 4, when the men allegedly broke through a boarded up window of the business. At one point a guard dog tried to run them off, but they were able to steal specialized parts, a machine and BB guns, police and the company told KTLA.

Video from the incident shows a boy the men apparently brought along playing with one of the guns.

Fred Izaguirre, who works at Royal Welding, said the boy appeared to be about 12.

“That ain’t right. If you’re an older guy and your life is screwed, leave the little guys alone, let them have a life,” Izaguirre said.

Since the break-in the company has added a second guard dog to protect the area.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call the Fullerton Police Department.