Authorities are looking for two or more people responsible for breaking into an Orange County pet store and getting away with three parrots.

On Dec. 20, burglars broke into the Feed Barn Pet store in Capistrano Beach just after midnight. Capistrano (or Capo) Beach is a neighborhood in the city of Dana Point.

According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, the suspects burglarized the store and then fled with three parrots.

The animals have been identified as a Congo African Grey named Sweetie, an Umbrella Cockatoo named Baby Love and a Double Yellow Headed Amazon named Cody.

Parrots and other high-intelligence birds can suffer from depression and health issues brought on from stressful situations.

Stress can lead them to experiencing loss of appetite, feather plucking and change in appearance, according to Alyson Kalhagen, an avian expert and writer.

The birds require specific diets and need to be cared for by experienced bird handlers.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department is continuing to investigate the break-in and is asking for the community’s help.

Anyone with information about the burglary or the location of the parrots is asked to contact the Sheriff’s Department Dispatch Center at 714-647-7000.