Tickets for a P-22 memorial at the Greek Theatre next month are available Monday.

The ticket for the famous mountain lion’s celebration of life were available beginning at 9 a.m.

The memorial will be held at the Greek Theatre — nestled in the cougar’s stomping grounds of Griffith Park — at noon on Feb. 4.

Tickets are free, but a reservation is required.

The event is pegged as a “privately sponsored event and a place where we come together respectfully to collectively celebrate and grieve P-22.”

The famed mountain lion was euthanized last month after being struck by a car near Griffith Park.

Wildlife officials had been searching for the cougar over concerns for his health and after he was implicated in two dog attacks.

The big cat was believed to be 12 years old and had kidney, liver and possibly heart disease.

P-22 was tracked by the National Park Service, who called him the “Hollywood Cat,” given his territory of Griffith Park and a famous National Geographic photo of him walking beneath the Hollywood sign.

Since his death, P-22 has been memorialized with a mural in the Fairfax District and a hike in, where else, Griffith Park.