The Fairview Fire, which had scorched more than 18,000 acres in the Hemet area as of Thursday morning, moved closer to a tiger sanctuary a day earlier.

The deadly fire broke out Monday afternoon near Fairview Avenue and Bautista Canyon Road but exploded in size Wednesday and had people at Diamond Valley Lodge concerned for the tigers living there.

“By the time tomorrow comes, we’ve been told, it’s going to come back this way,” said Samantha Potter, who thought the sanctuary had already escaped danger when the flames were visible a couple of nights ago.

“We’re just trying to protect the property and do what we can to make fire breaks. We’ve had a couple of ex-firefighters here,” Potter said.

A message posted Wednesday said the sanctuary’s tigers were too spooked to transport, so they were calling on people to come and help make barriers around the sanctuary.

A spokesperson for the lodge later stated that while the moving the animals would cause a great deal of stress, the tigers were “conditioned to enter their transport units.” The message went on to say, “we live in California we are prepared.”

Also, there was no longer a need for people to come out to the lodge, but that “it does not mean we won’t need your help in the future.”

The location had several evacuation plans that could be enacted based on the situation, according to the statement.