The number of traffic fatalities in Los Angeles broke a record last year, according to a study from a Los Angeles based road advocacy group, Streets Are For Everyone.

In 2022, L.A. saw 309 traffic fatalities, moving past the 300 mark for the first time since the organization began collecting data more than 20 years ago.

Researchers used data from the UC Berkeley Transportation Injury Mapping System (TIMS) and the City of Los Angeles Open Data Portal.

Researchers found that the number of traffic fatalities in 2022 was a 5% increase from 2021 and a 28% increase from 2020.

Streets Are For Everyone

Pedestrians — mainly those 29 years or younger and seniors 50 and older — and cyclists are the people most impacted by traffic fatalities in L.A.

In 2022, pedestrians and cyclists saw a combined total of 178 traffic-related fatalities. Motor vehicle deaths saw a 10% decrease in 2022, despite high numbers.

The advocacy group blamed speed for high traffic fatalities numbers at all levels. Drivers being distracted while driving, mainly by their cellphones, also played a role.

Streets Are For Everyone

SAFE also called on L.A. Mayor Karen Bass and the L.A. City Council to make long-lasting changes to Vision Zero, a strategy proposed by former Mayor Eric Garcetti, “to protect the vulnerable road users and reduce traffic fatalities to zero by 2025,” the study said.

The program hasn’t been a success for various reasons, including low funding and staffing shortages, according to the report.