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A person whose body was found inside a water storage tank in the backyard of a Fontana home on Wednesday morning appears to have committed suicide, authorities said.

A suspicious death investigation was launched about 8 a.m.  after a trail of blood led a homeowner to a body in the water tank of his backyard in the 9100 block of Olive Street, according to the Fontana Police Department.

The homeowner told police he went outside in his backyard and located a blood trail, which led to a body face down in a water tank, said Daniel Romero, a spokesman for the department. The body was described only as male.

The homeowner did not recognize the person, according to Romero.

It was not immediately clear how the individual died, he said. But coroner’s investigators determined the death was a suicide.

“After several hours, the coroner was able to remove the body and determined the death to be suicide,” Romero said. “Detectives on the scene were unable to identify the body and the investigation is still ongoing.”

“The residents on the property did not know the person, and it is still a mystery as to how or why he ended up in this backyard,” he said.

KTLA’s Jennifer Thang and Brian Day contributed to this story.