Jeff Zazueta is a local musician who you could normally find on the stage singing for his band, Shotgun Jefferson.

But now, after thieves stole all of his music equipment, he’s trying to figure out how to keep the music alive.

“They took basically everything that I use — all my gear,” Zazueta said. “I had speakers, I had subs, I had amps, I had boards, I had all my microphones. I had just got a new microphone, wireless, not even a year old.”

Roughly $30,000 worth of equipment and his trailer were stolen right outside his Rancho Cucamonga home.

It happened on the morning of July 19. After coming back from playing in Chino Hills, Zazueta got home around 1 a.m. and parked his trailer, which was attached to his car, on the street.

When he woke up it was gone.

“These guys were waiting for me,” Zazueta said. “They knew what they were doing, they knew what they were planning for sure because they were so quiet. I don’t know how they even did it to be honest with you because I had all the locks.”

Zazueta had just moved to his home two months ago. He’d been parking the small trailer in his driveway, but it turns out someone in the neighborhood called to complain.

He says the city threatened to fine him $500 a day if he didn’t move it by that Tuesday.

“The day that I finally took it out of my driveway was the day that they stole it,” he said.

According to municipal code 17.68, trailers can only be parked in an enclosed garage or carport. If outdoors, they can be only be kept in an authorized off-street paved parking area.

What is frustrating to Zazueta, is that other neighbors also have trailers parked in their driveway. But because of city code and a complaint by a neighbor, his trailer is gone.

He’s hoping someone will spot the stolen trailer which has signage on the top that reads: “JDA Construction.”

He also has a message for the thief who stole his trailer.

“I just pray that your life turns around and I pray that you come forward or even if you don’t come forward, leave it somewhere where I can get it back. This is my livelihood. This is how I feed my kids and my family,” Zazueta said.