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Police in Santa Ana on Thursday were investigating the death of a transgender woman who died after attending a “silicone party” during which, guests were injected with silicone.

The 40-year-old victim attended the party sometime in December at an unknown location in Santa Ana where she “received some injections in the buttocks area for cosmetic reasons,” said Corp. Anthony Bertagna, with the Santa Ana Police Department.

Shortly afterward the woman, started having complications, including respiratory problems and later died, police said.

This type of DIY enhancement most commonly results in topical irritation or infection, but plastic surgeon Dr. Justin West said the health risks can be far more dire.

“The bigger danger … is that silicone getting into the blood stream, and ultimately ending up in the lungs, the brain or the heart and ultimately causing death,” West said.

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Antonio Viramontes from the LGBT Center OC  said there has been an alarming increase nationwide in the number of transgender women and men attending so-called silicone parties where industrial grade silicone, airplane fuel and even dog urine was injected by people with no medical training.

“People are injecting a lot of unusual things into their bodies in order to achieve this higher standard of beauty,” said Viramontes .

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