Residents of a Mid-City neighborhood are angry and fearful as a transient has repeatedly vandalized the area in recent weeks, causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

“I want to be safe in my own house, but I don’t feel safe going outside in the middle of the night because I know he’s roaming around,” homeowner Melissa Chin told KTLA.

Neighbors say the man, whose identity was not released, has been captured on video cutting electrical and internet wires, starting fires and breaking outdoor faucets and pipes in the area near 21st Street and Longwood Avenue.

“I hear something swoosh, the water was jumping up…higher than the building,” said homeowner Velvia Cruz.

Then, a few weeks ago, the man destroyed Astro Garmemdia’s solar power system, causing more than $45,000 in damage.

“He went on top of roof to disconnect and cut the wires, and also my plumbing,” Garmemdia said.

He has also damaged city property, including “a bunch of streetlights,” Chin said.

“Nobody comes to fix them,” she added.

The Los Angeles Police Department responded to the area Friday afternoon, but the man was not there, Sgt. William Cooper told KTLA.

“We’re going to canvass the neighborhood to try to find him,” said Cooper.

Because most of the man’s previous arrests are misdemeanors, police cannot keep him in custody.

In the meantime, neighbors say they feel trapped in their own neighborhood, waiting on something worse to happen.

“This is very serious. Authorities have to take this serious. Until something happens, they going to be sorry,” Cruz said.