Tustin students continued to learn from home on Tuesday amid the ongoing blaze at a historic hangar that ignited last week.

A wall of the 17-story North Tustin Hangar reignited on Sunday, and school officials implemented virtual learning plans instead of hosting in-person classes.

While the school closures have only been confirmed for Monday and Tuesday so far this week, it’s possible the closures could extend longer.

“Please know that based upon this evolving situation, it is possible that all TUSD schools will finish this week in virtual instruction,” Tustin Unified School District Superintendent Mark Johnson said in an announcement. “We will communicate updates as soon as we know more information.”

Officials are “currently preparing for the controlled and systematic teardown of the hangar at a date to be determined,” Johnson added.

In the meantime, residents are encouraged to take precautions including:

  • Remaining indoors with windows and doors closed to reduce exposure to ash
  • Avoid contact with ash
  • Avoid vigorous activity
  • If you’re going to go outside, wear a particulate respirator
  • Drink extra water to keep airways moist

For more tips and resources, visit the city’s website.