Officials announced Saturday morning that there were no signs of an oil leak, several hours after a possible sheen was reported near two oil platforms Friday night.

Orange County officials received a report Friday night of a two to three mile long sludge streak near the platforms, dubbed Elly and Ellen, Orange County Board of Supervisors member Katrina Foley tweeted Saturday morning.

There were also reports of dead fish, and seabirds eating the fish, Foley said in the tweet.

An officer was walking the beach Saturday looking for tarballs but had not found any, Foley said.

The U.S. Coast Guard and Orange County Sheriff’s Department Harbor Patrol searched with patrols and airships but were unable to locate any oil, dead fish or sludge, Sgt. Todd Hylton said in an update Saturday morning.

The incident had been cleared by officials, Hylton said.