Los Angeles County Public Health Department officials are once again advising residents to wear face coverings indoor.

They are not just concerned about rising COVID-19 cases, but also the ongoing flu season and the rise of RSV.

Dr. Anne Rimoin, Professor of Epidemiology at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, talked about upcoming holiday gatherings and travel as COVID and RSV continue to be of concern for health leaders.

“We have to just kind of go back to the basics,” Rimoin said. “So if you don’t feel well, you might want to excuse yourself from the holiday and get comfortable talking about your risk tolerance with the people who are going to be around you.”

She suggested tailoring your holiday experiences for the most vulnerable people in your group.

Ultimately, Rimoin said the main priority for health officials is preventing the transmission of the viruses by taking necessary precautions to ensure your holiday plans go off without a hitch.

Wearing masks, opening windows, taking activities outdoors and testing for COVID before meeting are simple things that can be done to make the holidays more enjoyable for everyone.