Travelers can soon fly direct from LAX to the Australian continent aboard a United Airlines jet.

United is adding direct flights from LAX to Brisbane, Australia, and Auckland, New Zealand, as part of a massive expansion in the South Pacific.

The airline is increasing its service to Oceania by 40% in what it says is the largest South Pacific expansion in aviation history.

Beginning Oct. 28, United will begin offering four weekly flights from LAX to Auckland aboard a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner jet.

A month later on Nov. 29, United will begin offering direct flights from LAX to Brisbane, three times a week, aboard the same Dreamliner class jet. With that service, United will become the largest carrier between the U.S. and Brisbane.

United currently offers flights to Auckland and Brisbane from San Francisco International Airport. It’s the only airline to offer year-round service to Auckland, United said.

San Francisco will also see new thrice-weekly service between the Bay Area and New Zealand. On Dec. 1, United will launch the first nonstop flight between San Francisco and Christchurch, marking the only direct flight between the U.S. and New Zealand’s South Island. The airline is also expanding additional service between San Francisco and Brisbane and Sydney, Australia.

United already flies to more locations in Australia and New Zealand than all other U.S. carriers combined, and these new offerings will secure the airline’s spot as the most prolific U.S.-to-Oceania provider in the world.

Patrick Quayle, United Airline’s senior vice president of global network planning and alliances, said the company’s partnerships with Air New Zealand and Virgin Australia has allowed United to become the largest carrier to the South Pacific region, and said the five destinations offered in Australia and New Zealand makes United the “clear choice” for customers traveling to the region.

The airline also offers direct flights between Melbourne, Australian to LAX and SFO — a service that is also expanding.