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Los Angeles police officers, firefighters and other city workers who have yet to get vaccinated against COVID-19 will have more time to get the shots under a plan approved Tuesday by the City Council.

City workers who still haven’t followed the requirements at the end of Dec. 18 will face “corrective action,” according to the plan. Until then, unvaccinated workers will have to get tested twice a week for the coronavirus, on their own time and at the cost of $65 per test deducted from their paychecks, according to the approved plan.

Workers seeking medical or religious exemptions to the vaccination requirement will also have to get tested twice a week, but the city will reimburse them for testing costs if they are ultimately granted exemptions.

Although the plan gives city employees nearly two more months to get vaccinated, there could be swifter consequences for workers who refuse to follow it at all, according to a top official with the city. Under the plan, employees who have not shown that they are vaccinated or said they want an exemption will be required to sign a notice that instructs them to turn in proof of vaccination by Dec. 18.

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