A rally is being held at Granada Hills Charter High School Tuesday to protest the banning of unvaccinated students from graduation events.

The protest includes members of GHC Parents United, Moms on the Ground, The Unity Project, Let Them Breathe, and other groups unhappy with the school’s policy.

The rally began around 8 a.m. with parents and students gathering outside the school. A sign reading “Our kids, our choice,” was one of many being held by the demonstrators.

Parents say they are being discriminated against because their kids chose to work remotely instead of receiving COVID-19 vaccinations.

“Every American should be upset, parent or not. This is egregious discrimination for no good reason. The school’s excuse is that their community wanted this type of segregation,” Moms on the Ground co-founder Parisa Fishback said.

The school announced last fall that students 12 and older would not be allowed on campus if they were not fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Those students are now being told they can not attend the June 2 graduation ceremony, senior awards night, and other year-end events, according to the groups.

The school says its decisions are based on science and are aimed at keeping the community safe amid a surge of COVID-19 cases.

“Our commitment to safety is ever more important as COVID-19 cases are spiking again, and the prospect of outbreaks and new variants is significant,” a portion of a statement from Granada Hills Charter read.

Mark Castro, who is finishing the eighth grade, said he thinks getting the vaccine should be his own choice.

“It makes me a little mad and confused,” Castro said. “Also, I feel kind of sad because my mom was so excited and proud of me moving into ninth grade, and she was so excited to see me graduate.”

The excluded students and others are planning to protest before the start of the graduation ceremony at John Elway Stadium Thursday. The demonstration will begin at 6 p.m.