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Vanessa Bryant secured a legal victory Friday in her lawsuit against Los Angeles County over deputies and firefighters who allegedly shared grim photos of the helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant, their daughter Gianna and seven others.

A federal judge ruled her attorneys should have more time to pursue their investigation because they have been “diligent” in their efforts to pursue their allegations of misconduct. The move gives the widow more time to depose and investigate, and pushes a trial from November to February 2022.

Vanessa Bryant’s lawyers argued that although initial information shared by the Sheriff’s Department showed eight deputies shared images, evidence turned over now shows those possessing photos at the scene number at least 18 county employees while 66 county employees know about the misconduct.

Lawyers for the county accused Bryant of conducting a fishing expedition that diverted first responders from their jobs and subjecting them to harassment after she sued and publicly identified several of them.

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