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Vendors and families gathered for a protest Tuesday, fighting to keep the North Hollywood Swap Meet open.

Over 100 vendors of the North Hollywood Swap Meet got just over a month’s notice to vacate their stores by the end of March, protest organizers said.

“We just want to keep our swap meet open because it’s part of our community and it’s part of our family,” said one of the vendors, Yaneli Leon.

Some say they at least want the property owner to give them an extension.

“Yes, it’s their building. Yes, they have the right to do everything they want to. But also, they’re affecting more than 100 lives” said another vendor, Iver Cano.

A petition to stop the closure of the swap meet says a letter from management told vendors to vacate the premises because management could not renew a lease agreement with the landlord.

Carlos Herrera reports for the KTLA 5 Morning News on March 22, 2022.