A suspect died after officers used a TASER on him during an arrest in the Venice area on Tuesday. 

The suspect has been identified as Keenan Anderson by the Los Angeles Police Department.

Police responded to a crash in the area of Venice Boulevard and Lincoln Boulevard around 3:38 p.m., said LAPD.

When officers arrived, they spotted Anderson running around in the middle of the street while “exhibiting erratic behavior.”

Several victims involved in the crash claimed Anderson was to blame for the incident, police said.

When officers approached Anderson, he initially cooperated and sat down on the street as additional police backup was arriving.

Suddenly, police said Anderson attempted to flee, leading officers on a foot chase as he ran onto the middle of Venice Boulevard. 

He was eventually apprehended but was resisitant to officers. That’s when police deployed a TASER on Anderson before handcuffing him and tying his ankles together, said LAPD.

Emergency crews responded to the scene and provided medical aid to Anderson before transporting him to a Santa Monica hospital.

At the hospital, police say Anderson went into cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead.

No officers were critically injured during the ordeal, though one officer sustained minor abrasions to his hands while scuffling with Anderson, police said.

No further details were released and the fatal incident remains under investigation.