Coronavirus in Ventura County: Latest case count by city

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Detected cases of the novel coronavirus in Ventura County climbed to 80,360 as of April 21, 2021, with 1,002 people who have succumbed to the illness, officials said.

At least 1,358,000 people in the county have been tested for the coronavirus, according to health officials.

Breakdown of infections by cities and neighborhoods

ZIP code and areaConfirmed cases
91307 – Bell Canyon19
91320 – Thousand Oaks/Newbury Park2,680
91360 – Thousand Oaks2,682
91361 – Thousand Oaks/Lake Sherwood/Westlake620
91362 – Thousand Oaks/Westlake1,713
91377 – Oak Park401
93001 – Ventura2,908
93003 – Ventura4,050
93004 – Ventura2,341
93010 – Camarillo3,233
93012 – Camarillo/Santa Rosa Valley1,766
93015 – Fillmore2,635
93021 – Moorpark2,806
93022 – Oak View372
93023 – Ojai1,002
93030 – Oxnard9,718
93033 – Oxnard13,742
93035 – Oxnard2,422
93036 – Oxnard6,215
93040 – Piru360
93041 – Port Hueneme2,421
93060 – Santa Paula5,470
93063 – Simi Valley (Santa Susana)4,309
93065 – Simi Valley6,224
93066 – Somis251

Additional data can be found on the county’s website, such as the distribution of cases across age groups, how many cases are the result of local spread and number of hospitalizations.

Ventura County residents who are showing COVID-19 symptoms and are interested in being tested were advised to contact their doctors first.

“Your doctor will do a risk assessment by phone and let you know whether or not testing is recommended,” Ventura County spokeswoman Ashley Bautista said. “If your doctor recommends testing they will let you know where to go to get tested. There are many drive by locations available once your doctor orders a test.”

Those who do not have primary doctors were urged to visit for information on clinics and urgent care centers.

County officials are posting updates on the situation online.

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