A Ventura man was sentenced to 26 years in prison for molesting his biological child, Ventura County District Attorney Erik Nasarenko announced Tuesday.

Tiburcio Emeterio Martinez, 45, was arrested back in September 2020 and charged with molestation, incest and other sex crimes against his own child.

Ventura police became aware of Martinez after receiving a tip that he was abusing his child, who was 14 at the time. Investigators found that he had molested his child for nearly three years, including raping and groping her.

The abuse began when the victim was only 11 years old, investigators found, and the abuse didn’t end until his arrest.

On May 19, Martinez was convicted of 11 sexual abuse crimes against the victim, including continuous sex abuse of a child under 14, incest and unlawful sexual intercourse.

The Ventura Police Department investigated the case.