A bear nicknamed Baloo had itself a snack and a swim in a Chatsworth yard and pool on Sunday.

At points in the video footage shared by Dr. Alon Antebi, the beast is only a few feet from Antebi’s fiancée, separated only by a window and screen.

The bruin, dubbed Baloo (as in “The Jungle Book”) by Antebi’s fiancée, snacks on everything from trash to pomegranates.

This is hardly the first visit by Baloo, who “tends to stay at our house,” Antebi told KTLA in an email.

“Obviously, he’s a dangerous animal, so we have to be careful especially with our dogs, but we’ve been told by our security that animal control will not come unless [we’re] in immediate danger,” Antebi wrote.

This is hardly the first time a bear has been spotted in and near homes in Southern California, with KTLA viewers sharing videos from east L.A. County, two spots in Monrovia and Simi Valley, to name a few.