Video captured the dramatic end of a high-speed pursuit Sunday in Palmdale.  

It is unclear why the pursuit was initiated, but authorities with California Highway Patrol told KTLA that the chase began in San Bernardino County. 

The suspect, driving a black Audi, can be seen in the video attempting to avoid a spike strip thrown in the roadway by CHP. The driver veers off the road, quickly loses control of the vehicle and slams into the back of an innocent motorist in a Toyota Rav4 near the intersection of 50th Street East and Avenue N. 

The hood of the Audi can be seen in the footage flying up and blocking the driver’s view. Both the Audi and the Rav4 travel several more feet before coming to a stop.

Palmdale pursuit crash
Video captured the moment a pursuit suspect lost control of his vehicle in Palmdale and crashed into another motorist on May 14, 2023. (Don Luis Meza)

A passenger in the pursuit vehicle is then seen getting out of the vehicle, raising his hands and dropping to his knees as CHP officers immediately pull up. Both the driver and the passenger of the Audi were arrested.  

The driver of the Toyota appeared to be uninjured in the incident.