Video shot Saturday night in Santa Monica shows two police officers in a physical struggle with a man on the property of a multi-family apartment complex who they were attempting to arrest.  

The incident, according to Officer Rudy Flores with the Santa Monica Police Department, occurred just before 6:00 p.m. in the 1400 block of Ocean Avenue.  

Authorities said that a security officer at the apartment complex called police about the man, who was being disruptive and refusing to leave the property.  

That man was later identified as 29-year-old Aren Taylor, who is believed to be homeless.  

“Taylor approached the officers in an aggressive manner and spat at one of the officer’s face before throwing a cup with liquid, striking the officer on his chest and taking a fighting stance,” SMPD said in a statement.  

In the video footage, an officer is seen landing a punch to Taylor’s head and striking him in the leg with a baton, as the officers struggled with the 29-year-old.  

Police said this was done to “overcome Taylor’s resistance.”  

Taylor, who refused medical attention, was eventually taken into custody and is now facing several charges, including trespassing, assault on a peace officer and felony resisting arrest.

According to SMPD’s statement, the two responding officers filled out a detailed “Use of Force” report documenting their actions, which will be reviewed by the Incident Review Board.