Security video captured the moment two people were brutally attacked while unloading items into their Glendale restaurant on Friday.

The victims say the incident happened around 5:50 p.m. outside of their restaurant on Brand Boulevard.

Video shows a male victim standing still as three male suspects approached him in a narrow walkway.

Words are exchanged when suddenly, one of the men punches the victim in the face, sending him tumbling to the ground.

As the restaurant’s owner, an older woman, walks over to the fallen victim, another man smacks the woman in the head before walking away.

The woman’s daughter says her mother had asked the tenants upstairs to move their vehicle, which was blocking the loading dock to their restaurant.

She said when the tenants backed up their car, they hit a pole and became upset.

Later that day, a black sedan pulled up from which three men hop out to attack the victims. They said the suspects threatened to return in the future.

The restaurant owners say they’ve been threatened by the tenants upstairs before and believe the suspects are connected to them.

The men were seen driving away in a black Mercedes-Benz sedan, but no license plate information was gathered. The victims say Glendale Police is investigating the incident.