Video captures the stunning moment dancers narrowly escaped a roof collapse in Sherman Oaks on Wednesday night.

The “bomb cyclone” has brought heavy storm activity and major flooding to communities across Southern California this week.

A dance studio in Sherman Oaks was the latest victim of the severe wet weather.

One moment, dancers are seen happily practicing their moves, but in a matter of seconds, they are heard screaming and running to safety as the roof collapses in their dance studio.

“Luckily, thank God, no one was hurt,” said Raul Santiago, the owner of SoHo Dance LA.

The close call happened at the studio located along Ventura Boulevard while students and a dance instructor were practicing the rumba.

“I happened to be in the office and I heard the sound and a crash,” recalls Shey Lara, an employee. “I ran out and just saw everyone stunned. I saw a bunch of dust and smoke. I heard a crackle and a crash, almost like when thunder strikes, right at the beginning. That’s what it sounded like to me.”

What exactly caused the thunderous sound? Apparently, the “bomb cyclone” storm with its relentless rainfall throughout the week played a major factor.

“The humidity expanded that part of the ceiling and then it just popped and then came down,” explained Santiago. “Thank God the other fixtures didn’t fall down as well.” 

Santiago is thankful nothing more serious happened and that none of his dancers or employees were injured.

Contractors are busy repairing the structure including rebuilding, replastering and repainting.

“Nothing like this has ever happened,” said Santiago. “So it’s kind of challenging, but we’re glad everyone is okay.”

The studio remains closed for repairs with plans to hopefully reopen in a few weeks.