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A Torrance fistfight caught on camera appears to have started as a case of road rage.

The altercation began Tuesday with a fender bender near Torrance Boulevard and Elm Avenue, according to the Torrance Police Department.

“One of the vehicles cut the other one off and then slammed on brakes and that caused other vehicle to then try to get by and that causes a traffic collision,” said Sgt. Mark Ponegalek.

Seconds after the men got out of their vehicles, video shows words, then punches, being exchanged.

Three minutes later, it stops.

“I called 911, I looked outside, I started knocking on neighbors’ doors because at this point, it seemed like this was quickly escalating,” said witness Rachel Maestri.

Maestri also flagged down a firetruck to help.

Authorities say both men were taken to the hospital, and a 58-year-old was arrested for felony assault.

“He’s allowed to defend himself, but when you take that defense and then knock that person down and then you’re on top of them and continuing to punch them and you’re kicking them, that is no longer you defending yourself,” Ponegalek said.