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Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies responded to an Agoura Hills neighborhood where a mountain lion was spotted up in a tree Saturday.

The sighting was reported along the 28800 block of Barragan Avenue around 2 p.m. and the mountain lion was still there three hours later as deputies kept watch, according to the Sheriff’s Department Lost Hills Station.

Deputies hope the big cat will just head back into the wilderness on its own, Sheriff’s Department Lt. Greg Evans said.

In the meantime, residents are being asked to avoid the area and keep small children and pets close or indoors if possible.

California Department of Fish and Wildlife did not respond to the scene and there doesn’t appear to be any major threat to public safety. The cougar has already been tagged, officials said.

Video shows the mountain lion lounging on a tree branch and it didn’t appear agitated.

The area is close to the mountains so it’s not uncommon for wildlife to visit, but it appears to be the first mountain lion sighting in the area this year, according to Evans.