A Friday night football game between Kennedy High School of La Palma and Katella High School of Anaheim was disrupted by a teen who ran onto the field. It didn’t end well (for him).

Video shared with KTLA shows the teen jogging across the field carrying a flag with an inappropriate message written on it.

He nearly escapes over a wall past the end zone when he is grabbed by an adult.

The man, believed to be an employee of Katella High School, slams the teen to the ground forcefully and also appears to put his knee on the prankster’s neck.

Michele Schow, who provided the video and witnessed the incident, said the teen was knocked out by the body slam, which drew audible gasps and condemnation from some of those in attendance.

“The excessive force in the body slamming was unnecessary, witnessed by all the families, school staff and students,” Schow told KTLA in an email.

Another angle of the altercation was posted to the popular Instagram account House of Highlights.

In that clip, players can be seen celebrating as the man catches and slams the teen.