Video taken early Saturday morning showed a dangerous stunt by an unidentified daredevil in Santa Ana.

The video, which was purportedly taken by a security guard and shared with a local news company, shows a person standing atop a high-rise building in Santa Ana, jumping off the ledge and immediately deploying a parachute.

The jumper can be seen floating away off screen, apparently landing in a nearby parking lot and getting away without any injury.

It happened around 1 a.m. at an apartment building at 15 MacArthur Place, which is identified on Google maps as the Essex Skyline apartments.

The person who recorded the video told County News that emergency services were not called out to the scene as it appeared the jumper was uninjured.

It’s unclear if the building has been the site of other base jumping activities, although many California landmarks have been known to attract other thrillseekers, including the Golden Gate Bridge and Yosemite National Park. Because of its status as a National Park, base jumping is illegal at Yosemite.

But, according to an article posted by the San Francisco Chronicle in 2019, there are no existing state laws in California that explicitly ban the practice of base jumping.

But that doesn’t mean the jumper won’t face any type of legal repercussions. Trespassing or other violations at the city level could lead to the person being charged with some type of crime — if they are ever located. It’s unclear what the crimes this person could face if arrested.

The Santa Ana Police Department confirmed Saturday afternoon that it did not receive any calls for service related to the jumper, although officials have been made aware of the video.

No further details were released.