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As the search for a missing Mid-City mom continues, new video shows Heidi Planck in downtown Los Angeles, about half an hour before her dog was found unattended.

A resident of a building near Hope + Flower, where the dog was found on the 29th floor, recorded the video that appears to show Planck.

“She looked like she knew where she was going,” one of Planck’s friends said. “In the video, it looked like she was taking her dog for a quick walk. She doesn’t have her purse on her, she doesn’t have keys in her hand.”

The staff at the building have confirmed that they were familiar with Planck and recognized her dog, another of Planck’s friends said.

Planck has been missing for nearly a month, having been last seen on Oct. 17 at her son’s football game in Downey.

Before this video came to light, there were many questions about how her dog ended up in downtown Los Angeles, and even with this new piece of information, questions persist.

“There’s no connection to the area that I’m aware of,” a friend added. “So I feel like that’s another one of the mysteries, what is she doing there? Who did she know there?”

Planck’s ex-husband believes her disappearance could be related to her work at Camden Capital Partners, as her boss, Jason Sugarman, is facing federal charges for allegedly defrauding a Native American tribe out of about $43 million.

Security footage from Planck’s home shows Sugarman leaving donuts on her doorstep a day or two after she was last seen.

Detectives aren’t saying much about the case, but friends say they aren’t giving up hope.

“It’s painstaking. We are tired, and our hearts and heads hurt,” a friend said.