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Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks made a surprise appearance at a couple’s wedding in Santa Monica last week.

Tashia and Diciembre Farries were posing for their wedding photos on the beach on Oct. 22 when the star walked up to them and greeted the wedding party.

“It’s Woody from Toy Story!” one person is heard saying in a video of the encounter.

Video showed the actor posing with the couple and chatting with the excited family.

“We were gathering all the family together and next thing you know, Tom Hanks walks through the whole crowd and said, ‘Hey, I just had to stop and see these beautiful brides,'” Tashia Farries told KTLA.

“He asked for a picture, he said it was one of the most beautiful ceremonies that he’s witnessed, and he stuck around for about five minutes and gave us a good positive talk and it was very cool,” Farries added.

She said the couple now has an “awesome memory” of Tom Hanks crashing their wedding.