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Health officials are warning seniors, who appear to be the most vulnerable group to the novel coronavirus, to stay at home.

While some stores are opening early to accommodate their old shoppers, many seniors are not able to leave their homes at all. Fred Huguez, a volunteer with LA City Kids, is working to help those seniors.

With the help of the Los Angeles Police Department, the L.A. City Council and other community members, Huguez is putting together a list of vulnerable seniors in the Boyle Heights area who could use help getting groceries.

“I just thought it was the right thing to do,” Huguez said. “They’re probably scared and worried.”

People are donating food and supplies, and volunteers have delivered nearly 130 bags so far.

A senior who had to walk home after getting her groceries had to choose between getting water or eggs, so she chose water.

“When she saw we brought eggs, she started crying,” Huguez said.

Matilde Vera is another volunteer who is thinking of those who don’t have family members to help them out.

“I have the time. I know our seniors are going through a lot,” she said. “They’re alone and afraid.”

A 72-year-old mother, Apalonia Chavez, says she and her disabled son are grateful for this act of kindness.

“Oh thank you God. Thank you,” Chavez, who hasn’t left her home in three weeks, said.

The volunteers say they are protecting their health by wearing gloves and masks and carrying sanitizer around with them.

They say they plan on continuing this work until they run out of supplies.