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A longtime theme park fan, Hastin Zylstra has spent plenty of time waiting in long lines for rides at the Disneyland Resort.

So, he was prepared for the worst when he recently got in the queue for California Adventure Park’s newest attraction, Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure. But to his surprise, the wait was only 20 minutes — an unusually short period for almost any theme park, let alone a Disney park.

“This is a shock to see wait times so low,” said Zylstra, who hasn’t seen queues this short since a brutal 2016 heat wave kept most Disney fans at home.

But Zylstra’s brief wait was no anomaly. Average wait times at Disneyland, California Adventure and Universal Studios Hollywood have dropped — dramatically for some rides — since the parks reopened from a pandemic-provoked closure that lasted more than a year, according to a comparison by an outside firm of wait times in August of 2019 and the same month in 2021.

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