Wayward golf balls prompt lawsuit against city of Anaheim

A mobile home park is suing the City of Anaheim over a golf course after residents, who have lived nearby for years, started getting pelted with golf balls when the city made changes to the course.  

The problem started for residents of the Casa Hermosa Mobile Home Park when the tee box for the 15th hole at the Dad Miller Golf Course was moved closer to their homes.  

Residents in that section of the park have plenty of stories of golf balls hitting their properties.  

“What happened over here is one came flying and broke my window,” Casa Hermosa resident Heide Thomas told KTLA, as she pointed to her damaged window.  

Another resident, George Kezios, pointed out a window he replaced after it was broken by a golf ball, as well as actual holes in his home from other wayward balls. Kezios also said he was struck by a ball.  

“Hit it over the fence and then (I) came out and it hit me…right on my shoulder,” he explained.

According to Casa Hermosa’s lawsuit, the problem started about two to three years ago when some trees were cleared and the tee box was moved in order, they claim, to speed up play on the course.  

While the city agrees the tee box was moved, they claim it was needed to accommodate some of the work the county had to do along a flood control channel.  

The lawsuit is asking the city to make changes to the 15th hole or put-up large nets to protect the homes and the residents themselves.  

“We are asking for them to cease the operation and they can do that by closing down the 15th hole, putting up netting,” Don Diebold, the attorney representing Casa Hermosa, said. “That’s the nature of the lawsuit, that we’re seeking to prevent any catastrophic injury in the future to residents, the employees or any of the guests.”  

Erin Ryan, a spokesperson for the City of Anaheim, said that they’re aware of the concerns.  

“We are just learning about this lawsuit. We really think that it’s unnecessary. We want to work with the residents and that’s been our goal from the very beginning,” Ryan told KTLA.  

Since the lawsuit was only recently filed, the city has yet to respond to the filing in court.