An attack at a Redlands bar left a 21-year-old man hospitalized, and now the man’s mother is hoping his assailants will be brought to justice.

Reina, who didn’t want to reveal her last name, said her son Jacob was attacked around 1:15 a.m. Saturday outside the Redlands Underground Restaurant and Bar in downtown.

Jacob was getting drinks with a friend when an argument broke out between his friend and another group of men. Jacob, his mother says, was in the restroom when the scuffle began and came out to hear that they were being kicked out of the bar.

“He went outside and, from what I got, they were beating up the friend and then my son went up to him and was like, ‘that’s my friend,’ or something like that.”

That’s when Reina says three people attacked Jacob.

Video from that night captured part of the altercation toward the end. In it, Jacob is seen already on the floor when one of the attackers kicks him in the head.

“My son is so much smaller than them and the fact that they felt they had to jump him, that just blows my mind,” Reina told KTLA. “I don’t understand, my son was defenseless, literally knocked out and they stomped him.”

Several people were watching and, at one point, a patrol vehicle can seen driving by. But Reina says no one helped.

She later found Jacob walking home after she had picked her other son up from work. Jacob was disoriented and bloodied with a broken jaw.

“They put him in ICU in the hospital because they had to put a tube in his nose,” Reina said of her son’s injuries.

Redlands police said they are investigating and indicated they couldn’t comment on whether anyone has been arrested or how many suspects they are looking for.

Reina posted a photo to social media in hopes of finding the people responsible and told KTLA she has a message for those who hurt her son:

“We’re going to find you, don’t worry. We’re going to find who you are and you’re going to be in jail. I promise, that’s a promise,” she said.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to contact the Redlands Police Department at 909-798-7681.