The 2023 Los Angeles Dodgers could look substantially different than the 2022 version, which made a disappointing exit from the MLB playoffs Saturday despite winning a franchise record 111 games during the regular season.

Clayton Kershaw, Trea Turner, Tyler Anderson, and Andrew Heaney are becoming free agents.

The Dodgers hold a $16 million team option on veteran third baseman Justin Turner.

Former National League MVP Cody Bellinger has another year of arbitration eligibility but could be shown the door.

While many fans are naturally calling for his dismissal, manager Dave Roberts is under contract through 2025.

What fans are saying

“Rebuild with a core of young players and a few veterans. Let go of Bellinger, Kershaw, JT, Turner, and others. Get another pitcher or two.” -Ramiro Rivera

“I’m sorry but Kershaw is done. Thanks for the memories. Tyler Anderson needs to be signed.” -Gabriel Flores

Keep Trea Turner & Tyler Anderson! Not sure about the rest but it will be sad if Kershaw goes. Can’t imagine him not in a Dodgers uniform.” – Stacy Calvin

Fire sale!” -Scott Peaslee

“Contemplate why the hell they would renew Roberts’ contract! He makes poor decisions that cost the team! Why did they renew his contract thru 2025?!” -Jolene Rivas-Elliot

“(Justin) Turner is not worth that money!” -Sylvia Segobia

“IMO: sign Trea Turner immediately. That’s a priority.” -Stephanie Cardenas

“Maybe don’t pick up his option, but still see if you can sign (Justin) Turner at a cheaper rate. Don’t think his production is worth $16 million. Kershaw and Anderson should both be signed to 1 yr deals.” -Jerry McCloy

“Clean house!! I’m done with this group. Even if we struggle next year, bring up the guys from the minors.” -Johnny Cisneros

“Don’t change anything. They had a great year they got a lot of talent, and good coaching…just got tired at the end. Comeback and get them next year.” -Rickey Sanchez

“Turner is the heart and soul of the Dodgers. But it’s time to let him go.” -Jason Stoll

The only ones they should try to keep are Trea Turner and Tyler Anderson. They need contact hitters. JT isn’t an everyday player anymore. Their home run-loving teams usually get cold in the postseason when facing good pitching. Friedman needs to try something different. 2020 is looking more and more like an anomaly.” -Marc E. Juarez