Wild Road-Rage Incident Caught on Camera

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LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — A man who appeared to be targeted in a case of road rage on a Los Angeles freeway spoke about the ordeal Tuesday.

The incident happened Friday afternoon on the 10/110 freeway interchange and it was all caught on video.

The video showed a vehicle cutting in front of 21-year-old Austin Ho’s car, then pulling over before someone leaned out the window and threw a can at Ho’s windshield.

Ho said the other driver continued to cut him off and yelled racial insults.

“It was the usual Asian insults like go back to China,” Ho said.

At one point, the man in the video got out of his car and appeared to be shouting something as he walked toward Ho’s vehicle.

After getting back in his car the man drove off, nearly causing another accident.

“Since my camera is behind my mirror I actually forgot that I had a camera rolling the whole time. So it was after the incident when I realized that I had everything on tape,” Ho said.

The camera, a gift from his father, started recording automatically when the car was turned on.

Ho said he believed the incident was racially motivated because the man only yelled racist comments at him and didn’t accuse Ho of cutting him off.

He wanted the driver taken off the road and said the man “is a danger to everyone.”

The California Highway Patrol said it’s aware of the case.

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